What we do

What We Do

Property acquisition:

Castlestone acquire commercial, residential and mixed use sites and buildings on an unconditional basis throughout London and the South East.

Properties can be tenanted or vacant and examples of the types of properties we acquire include:

Commercial Properties:

  • car showrooms
  • garages
  • office buildings
  • shops with commercial uses above 
  • freestanding retail units
  • dental and doctors surgeries

Residential Properties:

  • houses suitable for conversion
  • plots of land suitable for residential development

Adding value:

We increase value through using our knowledge, skills and expertise to obtain residential planning consent.

We develop residential schemes.

We have immediate cash funds available for the acquisition of projects and developments of all sizes and are looking for purchases up to £4 million. We make decisions quickly and will look to complete a purchase to meet the seller’s timescales. 

We also recognise that there are many situations where the property owner or agent may wish to remain involved in the project and we are flexible and experienced in working with others to maximise the economic returns.

Examples of projects we have handled can be found on our case studies page.

Agents and introducers:

We reward agents and introducers for introducing suitable properties and offer a generous incentive package including a substantial share of the profits derived from a successful project.

Our approach entails working together with a predetermined exit strategy. Castlestone will fully fund the transaction with the agent or introducer remaining a substantial equity partner. 

Property Owners:

We are highly flexible in our approach and will tailor agreements with owners including joint ventures to share profits.